Loegaire: A Final Girded Word

Week 3 (3/17/15)

As the pre summit dinner begins, Tactus sneaks through the servants door and down a hall and listens in on a conversation between the countess and the elven and human diplomats. He discovers that the elves blame a “half elf” extremist group called The Servants of the Wandering Eye for the assassination of past. After finishing up the pre-summit dinner, everyone retires for the night.

The next morning, everyone is woken up to the 30 minutes of continuous bells ringing from all the cathedrals and city structures. Upon quickly visiting one of the churches for information, it is explained that there has been an assassination of the elvish diplomat, and the summit was canceled.

The group passes a small riot at the gates of the city on their way out of town, and begins their journey home. As it gets dark, the party makes camp. During the night, the group experiences strange lights and giggling in the darkness. When Lokag is awoken by the party, he launched a “burning hands” spell in the direction of the things noticed by the party. The field bursts into flame, and the party runs away.

They arrive at the next town and pass through it quickly. They journey all the next day and make camp about a day away from their home city. During the night, they start taking arrow fire. They take out 3 assassins who turn out to be from the Wandering Eye, but Lokag falls to the fight. Tactus rides ahead to the next town and brings a priest back to the party for healing, and lokag is healed. The party heads to the next town across the river, and meets with the lord mayor who takes care of their needs.

The group gets back to their capital and talks to the archduke, who relieves them of duty and takes the corpses of the assassins the group met on the road.



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