Character Creation

Starting Level:

6th level

Playable Races/Classes/Usable Books:

This campaign is being designed to introduce several players to the RPG experiance in general, and the D&D experiance specifically, as such I will be pretty open to allowing new things into the game. I will allow most anything from any D&D book I own into this game with the following caviot to experianced gamers: Don’t build a broken character. If your experianced enough to brake the system, your experianced enough to recognize it and to not do it. Past that have fun and let your imaginations run wild. If you’re not sure how to build a character come up with a concept and ask some of the more experianced players, or your GM, how to exicute it. I am not allowing anyone to start with the Leadership feat, you might be allowed to take it later but not at character creation.

Starting Build:

All Player-Characters start off with 36 points to use in standard point buy starting at ability level 8. You cannot buy down your abilities. If you Google D&D 3.5 Point Buy Calaculator you’ll find all the info you need on how to do this.

Starting Gold:

All Player-Characters start with 11,000gp (2,000 less then standard for your level) which can be used to buy magical gear out of the DMG as well as other source books. In 3.5 D&D your equipment is almost as important as the levels you take so if your not sure where to find this or what equipment would be useful please feel free to ask. The reason why you are starting out with less gold is that I’m going to make an item for you but we’ll get into that later.


Player-Characters cannot be of the Evil alignment. I would request that you try and make a good character, however if your heart is set on neutral we can discuss why that is and maybe come to a comprimes. Evil just unnecessarily complicates matters so please don’t ask. More important then alignment is the feeling of co-operation amongst the party, please openly discuss your feelings and your characters feelings about a situation with the table. It’s fine for your character to keep secreates from the group, it’s not okay for you the player to keep secreates from the table…and it is really not okay for you the player to keep secreates from the GM.


All Player-Characters must be junior members in service to the Landgrave Bayzili Karkowski (Grand Count Loegaire), but that is where the requirments stop. Where you fall in his service is completely up to you; are you a servant on his staff, perhaps a member of the theives guild posing as a chamber maid, a corpral in his army, a secratry to one of his advisors, a ward from a conqured enemy (see house rules), whatever you want to be is fine but you need to owe failty to this guy.

Character Bio:

I request at least one page of typed bio for your character. What has your character been doing, what is its past, how did it come to serve the Grand Count? I want you to flesh your character out here so we don’t have a bunch of stat blocks roaming the coutryside. Why has your character picked up the sword or scroll and left for adventure? We will be building this world together so while I have a vision of what it looks like the details are wide open – you can have just about any sort of history you want, so have fun with it. A big part of pen and paper RPGs is the idea of ‘yes, and…’ if you want something to have happened write it in your backstory and we’ll find a way to fit it into the world. The more effort you put in to your character the better I’ll know your character and the better I’ll be able work with you. This is also your chance to put effective history (history that might come into play during the campaign) into your character. A Childhood rivalry, an ancient curse placed on your family line, you name it and we can probably work something out. Remember that 2,000gp I stole from you? Time to tell me what that was; your fathers sword, mothers bow, gradfathers lute, great

Character Creation

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