Loegaire: A Final Girded Word

Week 4

The party is given a mission to deliver letters on behalf of the arch count. They are to be delivered to the High Duke of Anislov and the Emperor. On the way to deliver their message to the High Duke, Tactus discovers a bloody dagger in his bag at an inn. Upon sharing this information with the party, they exit the inn to find that there are wanted posters describing the party as assasins of the archduke of Logeir. The party packs the dagger away, and begin heading to the cousin of their archcount in hopes of dismissing their guilt.

Tactus and Burr attempt to enter the checkpoint and pass through the port city in order to gather information but are discovered almost immediately by the military and chased from the city walls into the deep jungle. They escape and buy passage via the thieves guild to cross the river at the cities edge. They quickly make their way into town to find the rest of their party, and are informed by the guard that the party had entered earlier. He directed them to one of the nicer inns, where they re-united.

The group heads in the direction of an abandoned keep that they knew of along the way. As they reach the top of the pathway on the way to the keep, they come across a pile of skulls. They begin hearing voices, and are ambushed by lizard people. The group kills the lizard people and goes further into the keep where they encounter a will-o-the-wisp and several zombies and lizard folk. Upon killing the enemies, the group faces the door to the keep taunting their entry.

Week 3 (3/17/15)

As the pre summit dinner begins, Tactus sneaks through the servants door and down a hall and listens in on a conversation between the countess and the elven and human diplomats. He discovers that the elves blame a “half elf” extremist group called The Servants of the Wandering Eye for the assassination of past. After finishing up the pre-summit dinner, everyone retires for the night.

The next morning, everyone is woken up to the 30 minutes of continuous bells ringing from all the cathedrals and city structures. Upon quickly visiting one of the churches for information, it is explained that there has been an assassination of the elvish diplomat, and the summit was canceled.

The group passes a small riot at the gates of the city on their way out of town, and begins their journey home. As it gets dark, the party makes camp. During the night, the group experiences strange lights and giggling in the darkness. When Lokag is awoken by the party, he launched a “burning hands” spell in the direction of the things noticed by the party. The field bursts into flame, and the party runs away.

They arrive at the next town and pass through it quickly. They journey all the next day and make camp about a day away from their home city. During the night, they start taking arrow fire. They take out 3 assassins who turn out to be from the Wandering Eye, but Lokag falls to the fight. Tactus rides ahead to the next town and brings a priest back to the party for healing, and lokag is healed. The party heads to the next town across the river, and meets with the lord mayor who takes care of their needs.

The group gets back to their capital and talks to the archduke, who relieves them of duty and takes the corpses of the assassins the group met on the road.

adventure begins 2

having arrived at the city of Amiiti for the conference it was quickly decided to split the party into two groups. one group of inconspicuous halflings and the other the wagon with the paladin at the lead. after all people are less likely to stop a half ogre if he is with a paladin. the young thief and scout entered with no issue and quickly found sign of the local thief’s guild and despite some simple issues at first were able to gain entrance. Tactus and Ber learned what they could about the upcoming summit and Ber paid for information about the city. the biggest point of interest to him was a quick and stealthy escape should our worst fears prove well founded. meanwhile the rest of the party had little trouble entering the city after the paladin expressed his dislike of questions by shining with holy glory. the city dose not seem to be on high alert despite the increased guardsmen. rooms were found for all and because of the luxurious accommodations at the helpful halfling, most everyone was content to relax and prepare for the upcoming meeting. however, Hecate decided to stay with his relatives instead and prepare by wetting his teeth with family politics first. Also, Ber spent his time scouting the city and gathering information, and found a alternative place to stay, and secure his gear, before the summit. the next day we all arrived in our new formal cloths and fed an elaborate feast, with apprehension we await the start of the summit.

adventure begins

As so many things do, it started in a bar. ill-fated people in the service of count Bayzili Karkowski enjoying a night off until we were called into service. none of us were diplomats so it seemed clear that despite all the recent troubles we were not being sent to the peace summit because of our negotion skills. we were walking into a trap, and we knew it. a dead prince could not be ignored after all. so as nations prepared for war, we misfits got ready to go pull on the cheese. we left Loegaine with no fanfare and had little trouble traveling to the border. the bridge guard passed us threw quickly. because the empty country side meeting us in Emitamiti was a little unnerving, it was almost a relief to spot the other nations scouts watching us pass. the bandits we spotted on the other hand didn’t get that chance. after an uneventful skirmish we sent them away to lick there wounds, after all we have no authority here.

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