Loegaire: A Final Girded Word

adventure begins 2

having arrived at the city of Amiiti for the conference it was quickly decided to split the party into two groups. one group of inconspicuous halflings and the other the wagon with the paladin at the lead. after all people are less likely to stop a half ogre if he is with a paladin. the young thief and scout entered with no issue and quickly found sign of the local thief’s guild and despite some simple issues at first were able to gain entrance. Tactus and Ber learned what they could about the upcoming summit and Ber paid for information about the city. the biggest point of interest to him was a quick and stealthy escape should our worst fears prove well founded. meanwhile the rest of the party had little trouble entering the city after the paladin expressed his dislike of questions by shining with holy glory. the city dose not seem to be on high alert despite the increased guardsmen. rooms were found for all and because of the luxurious accommodations at the helpful halfling, most everyone was content to relax and prepare for the upcoming meeting. however, Hecate decided to stay with his relatives instead and prepare by wetting his teeth with family politics first. Also, Ber spent his time scouting the city and gathering information, and found a alternative place to stay, and secure his gear, before the summit. the next day we all arrived in our new formal cloths and fed an elaborate feast, with apprehension we await the start of the summit.



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